Inscription on a Roman tomb – A Piece of Poetry

Context: A short inscription in Latin found on a Roman woman’s tombstone located in Aurelia. It briefly tells us her name, age and mentions a beloved husband and a daughter. These short inscriptions (Carmina epigrapha) became quite popular during 300 BCE up until Late Antiquity. Even if short it captures a lot of information on who she was when she lived. 

Themes: death, rememberance of a beloved one now dead.

CLE 00385

Hic sita sum quae frugiferas cum coniuge terras
Has colui semper nostro dilecta marito.
Myrsina mi nom[en fuerat. quinquennia quinque]
Vixi et quem de[derat cursum Fortuna peregi].
Care marite m[ihi et du]lcissima nata ualete
Et memores nostris semper date iusta sepulchris.

I’m buried here, I who grew these
fruitful fields with my husband,
always beloved
by my husband.
Myrsina was my name.
Five times five years
I lived, and my life granted
to me by Destiny I have fulfilled.
You my husband, my dearly beloved,
and my dearest daughter, goodbye
and remember [me] always and give
suitable sacrifaces to my tomb.


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