About this Blog


Through the eye of a Pegasus is a blog about literature, culture and books. As I intend to write about books and literature there will be many reviews of books on various subjects. I’m very keen on biographies and history. I’m also very found of poetry and the classics. I also like to make my own interpretations of various poetry! My mission is also to bring the books I’m reading to you dear reader of the blog! I hope to inspire you and hope you will find something interesting here. If I have kindled a small or big light through the books or various subjects I’m writing about here, maybe something that wants you to continue educate yourself on the topic; then I know my mission has not been in vain.

I’m a librarian, M.Sc., and one of my major interests is to make people from all sorts of backgrounds more interested in reading and the value of maintaining and sharing information and knowledge with one another. Sharing is caring!

Thanks for visiting my blog!