Summary of Posts published

This page will contain a link and (sometimes) a brief summary to all posts published:

October 2017

“The Destruction of Sennacherib”- A poem by Lord Byron

September 2017

“A Night Scene” – A poem by Mary Shelley

“To – “: A poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley

“Ozymandias” – A poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley

August 2017

“The Moon” – A poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley

July 2017

“Bright Star” – A poem by John Keats

“To One in Paradise” – A poem by Edgar Allan Poe

“To Sleep” – A poem by William Wordsworth

On Sleep – A monologue from Henry IV by William Shakespeare

“The most beautiful Revelation” – A poem by Friedrich von Schiller

June 2017

“The Footfalls of Memory” – A poem by T.S Eliot

“To the Distant One” – A poem by Johann W. Goethe 

Sonnet 130 – A poem by William Shakespeare

“The Haunted Palace” – A poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Rome or the countryside? – A letter from the world of late Antiquity

Ode 1:37 on the Death of Cleopatra – A poem by Horace

“The Nightly Secret” – A poem by Friedrich Nietzsche

“Lindisfarne” – A poem by Sir Walter Scott with photos from my journey there

May 2017

Inscription on a Roman tomb – A piece of Poetry

“I loved you first”- A poem by Christina Rosetti

Journals by Lizzie Borden’s lawyer Andrew J. Jennings to be conserved and published

Bram Stokers’ use of Gottfried Bürger’s Ballad “Leonore” in Dracula (1897)

“Rosemounde” : A poem by Geoffrey Chaucer

From “the Sonnets to Orpheus” – A poem by Rainer Maria Rilke

April 2017

“The Night”- A poem by Johann W. Goethe

“I felt a cleaving in my mind” – A poem by Emily Dickinson

The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible : A Review

“Automne” – A poem by Guillaume Apolloniare – Context and themes on this French poem.

Visiting Sigmund Freud’s Home in Vienna – Writing about my travel experience and visit to Freud’s apartment, now a museum in central Vienna, 2009.

My visit to The Vienna Central Cemetery : The Jewish Expierence and WW2 – My trip to the Vienna Zentralfriedhof in July 2009.

“The Starling”- A poem by Amy Lowell – Context and themes.

March 2017

Sonett 43 – A poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning – Context and themes.

Sonett 21 – A poem by William Shakespeare – Context and themes.

“Life” : A Poem by Charlotte Brontë – Context and themes.

“Last Lines” : A Poem by Emily Brontë Context and themes.

“Shakespeare Bites Back” : A Free E-Book From The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust – My review and comment.

Poe’s Literary Sources of Inspiration in “The Black Cat” and “The Tell-Tale Heart”

A minor commentary on possible resources used by E.A Poe when he wrote these two short novellas.

“Two loves I have of comfort and despair” – A Sonnet by William Shakespeare – Context and themes.

“I felt a Funeral in my Brain” – A poem by Emily Dickinson – Context and themes

Moonlight (2016) – The proustian moment – A review and commentary on the movie and how a special meeting reveals a proustian moment

Shakespeare’s Sonnet no. 30 and Proust – A comment.

‘I don’t know if you’re dead or alive’- A poem by Anna Achmatova – Context and themes, a short comment by me.

‘Ulalume’ – A Gothic poem by Edgar Allan Poe – Context and themes.

‘Open me carefully’: Emily Dickinson’s intimate letters to Susan Huntington (1998) – Some thoughts 

My short review and commentary on this collection of letters.

February 2017

‘The City in the Sea’ – A poem by Edgar Allan Poe – Context and themes.

‘After great pain, a formal feeling comes’ – A poem by Emily Dickinson – Context and themes

Notes on ‘She walks in beauty’ by Lord ByronContext and themes.

The impossible life of Mary Benson : Reflections on a biography – A review and comment.

Ancient Mythology in Poe’s novel ‘Ligeia’ (1838) – Context and themes presented as well as some of its myths and their origin.

“Sonnet 55” – A poem by W. Shakespeare – Context and themes presented

“The Flea” – A poem by John Donne – Context and themes presented

“Vita Nuova” – A poem by Oscar Wilde – Context and themes presented

“Requiescat” – A poem by Oscar Wilde   Context and themes presented

“Annabel Lee” – A poem by Edgar A. PoeContext and themes presented

On the Mystical Shape of the Godhead: Basic concepts in the Kabbalah (1991) – A short summary of the book and the concept of gilgul (“reincarnation”) in Jewish Kabbalah

When Emily Dickinson was critical about organized religion. A comment on poem 236

“Israfel” – A poem by Edgar A. Poe

January 2017

‘Through a mirror, dimly’ – Can we trace 1 Cor. 13:12 back to rabbinic literature?

‘Al Aaraaf’ – A poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Review: ‘A History of Scotland’ by Neil Oliver (2009)

Review : ‘Constance – The Tragic and Scandalous Life of Mrs. Oscar Wilde’ by Franny Moyle

The Zohar : Pritzker Edition vol. I – A review and comment by me.

Saki’s creepy stories revisited – A short entry on british writer H.P Munro (1870-1916) and his writing. The story “Gabriel-Ernest” recommended.

“Delight” : A poem by Olive Custance – She was a part of the aestethic movement in 1890’s and wife of Oscar Wilde’s lover Lord Alfred Douglas. This love poem is about a woman.

Arthur Rackham’s illustrations to Edgar Allan Poe’s “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” – About Arthur Rackham and his artwork on Poe’s stories.

The myth of the horse in various legends and cultures – About the Pegasus in Greece mythology, Sleipnir in the Norse mythology and al-Buraq in the Islamic mythology.